Vermont food, art, and music


Vermont food, art, and music

Many people think of moving to Vermont for the slower pace, the beautiful scenery, and the quiet roads. Good news, we’ve got all that. But wait, there’s more! Vermont is emerging as a major foodie destination due to an abundance of local foods and great restaurants.

In fact, our little state is topping some major lists as a food destination and is being recognized in publications such as The Boston Globe and Food and Wine Magazine. Throw in a vibrant art and music scene and you’ve got a location worth raving about!

So let’s talk about food

In a previous blog I mentioned that Vermont had placed number one on the Localvore index, a ranking based on a high number of CSAs, farmers’ markets, and food hubs in the area. Residents of Vermont might be well aware of the best places to get their local food direct from the farmer, but it is interesting to see the rest of the country taking note too!

Aside from the myriad possibilities of farm-to-consumer markets, there are a growing number of restaurants in the area that are buying their food from the small farms that surround us. Fresh, local food means tastier menus! According to – Burlington ranks high on the 2014  list of “America’s Best Cities for Foodies.” This ranking was based both on the number of local and independent restaurants, access to CSAs and whole foods stores as well as, “per capita number of craft breweries, brew pubs, wine shops, and wine bars.” Burlington is a relatively small city in a small state but it seems we’ve got our food and drink covered!

This recognition from the food community has also earned Burlington, VT mentions in this raving article in The Boston Globe, as well as a spot in Food & Wine Magazine’s article exploring “Food Across America.”  Take a moment to read through the articles, you may discover a delicious spot that you didn’t even know about!

It’s clear that visitors and residents of Burlington and the surrounding area have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a delicious spot to dine. After satisfying the palate, how about some entertainment? You’re in luck, we’ve got a thriving art and music scene too!

 The Art Scene

Burlington is home to two great organizations that promote the arts in our area – Burlington City Arts and the South End Arts and  Business Associations (SEABA). Both organizations aim to promote arts in the area in different ways. They are great resources for finding events pertaining to the arts – everything from film festivals, to gallery openings, to resources and classes for artists. They are supportive of a growing community both for artists themselves as well as for patrons of the arts. For an example of some of the events in the area – check this BCA list often!

How about music?

Each year the town gets taken over by the Burlington Discover Jazz Fest – a week-long event when live music can be heard from almost every corner of the city. Many of the concerts are free and outdoors making it a great event for families with children.

Burlington is also home to many other music venues – there is a good chance that if you’re searching for live music, you’ll be able to find it on any given weekend (or even weeknight). There are small and intimate places like Radio Bean and The Light Club Lamp Shop, and larger venues like Higher Ground that attract musicians and performers from around the world.

The food, art, and music scene that is happening in Burlington is great for those who live right in the city as well as residents of the surrounding areas. Many of the smaller, quieter towns are just a quick drive from Burlington making this area accessible for many 

The thriving arts and food scene is a great complement to our quiet country roads and bucolic towns. If you live here, you probably already know we have the best of both worlds. If you’re thinking about a move to the Green Mountain State – give me a call! I would love to show you all that we have to offer!

What about you? Do you have any favorite music spots or restaurants in the Burlington area? Share with us in the comments!

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