Moving Tips and Ideas


Moving Tips and Ideas

You’ve found your dream home, closing day is fast approaching, you’re thinking paint colors and maybe new furniture – but you’ve got to move first! Moving tops many lists as one of life’s most stressful events. Whether you’re alone, moving with a family, kids, or pets, it can be a crazy time and cause more than a few headaches!

We’ve searched around for some moving tips and ideas that can make things a little easier. Some seem obvious, some are downright genius; read on and maybe you’ll find one or two that work for you!

Stay Organized

– This one seems obvious but can be difficult when you’ve got a lot of other things to keep track of. Staying organized and starting early will be a big help down the line when you are trying to coordinate the big day!

If you are using movers, schedule them as early as possible. If you are asking for help from friends and family, it is never too early to get a date on the calendar! If enlisting help from friends, don’t ask them all to come on moving day. Get some help ahead of time with packing boxes, bringing unwanted items to be donated, or making a trip to the store for packing supplies.

Change your utilities ahead of time

– Many take days to make the switch. Make a list of all services you use and set aside a time to call or change services online.

Change your address online

– The USPS has made it very easy to change your address over the internet – you can do it well in advance and choose the date to start your forwarding.

Pack Smarter

– You can save a lot of money on moving supplies by not paying for boxes! Most businesses are happy to give you boxes as it means they don’t have to pay to have them removed or recycled. A few phone calls to local businesses will get you all the boxes you need. (In the Burlington area, Healthy Living Market and Cafe lines them up on the way out the door. You don’t need to ask, just go in and grab what you need!)

LABEL everything!

– People work differently when it comes to labeling, find a system that works for you and use it!
If you’re a list maker you might find that numbering your boxes works best. Clearly mark all boxes in numerical order and then keep a list of what is in each box by number. A great example of this can be found here.

If lists are too overwhelming, try a color coding system. Use colored tape on the outside of boxes to indicate what room they came from or where they are going; for example: red – kitchen, blue – bathroom, etc. Make a few quick signs denoting what color goes where and hang them up around your new digs to guide friends and/or movers.

Keep some things unpacked

– This seems strange but you might get carried away and pack up some things that you will need on moving day! Keep the following things organized and easily accessible:

  • Small packing supplies – don’t waste time looking for a Sharpie or a label! Corral all small supplies (markers, labels, tape, scissors) into a basket or box and keep it handy.
  • Tools – put together a small tool box for moving day. You may need specific tools to take apart furniture for getting through doorways and small spaces.
  • A personal bag – pack a bag as if you were going away for the weekend. No one wants to sift through boxes on the first night in a new home. Keep your personal belongings handy so you can brush your teeth and go to bed!
  • Important Documents – Things can often get lost or misplaced even when you’ve clearly labeled everything! You don’t want to have to frantically search for paperwork in the midst of unpacking. Put important documents like passports, insurance information, social security cards, etc. in a clearly marked folder or envelope and keep it with you during the move.

Bag your hanging clothes

– Gather your hanging clothes as close together as possible, leaving them on the hangers. Bag them up from the bottom with a large garbage bag, and tie with the drawstring at the top, leaving the hooks out. You can label the bag on the outside and just hang them up when you get to your new home!
Use (clearly labeled!) plastic tubs to pack up seasonal and storage items. They will be ready to store when you get to your new digs, saving you valuable unpacking time.

There are lots of great tips out there by people who have successfully managed one or more moves. Since you may not have time to research them all (you’re moving after all) we’ve put together a Pinterest board of some of our faves. Take a look or feel free to leave your favorite moving tip in the comments!

Are you hoping to make a move in or to the Burlington area? Give me a call at 802-488-3455, I would love to help you find your next home!

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