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6 Things I Love About Burlington, Vermont

I am a Realtor in Burlington, Vermont and the surrounding towns and let me say, I love this town.

As spring finally hits us in the Green Mountain State, I am reminded of this city’s awesomeness!  Here are five things that I love about Burlington, right now!

1.  Burlington Farmers’ Market:

Every Saturday, all year long, farmers and artisans from all around the state gather in Burlington to sell their wares. It’s awesome! The farmers’ markets of today are social events, full of amazing food both fresh and prepared, and beautiful crafts.  You can visit the farmers’ market and spend several hours perusing all of the cool crafts and buying your produce, cheese, meet, and bread for the week.  If you are looking for a Saturday activity, try it out!

2.  Food, food, food:

Burlington houses some of the best food in the area and many restaurants participate in the Vermont Fresh Network, a program that brings locally sourced produce and foods to local restaurants. Vermont’s farm-to-table programs are economically and ecologically sound, and delicious!

3.  Community:

Green Up Day, Vermont Foodbank, COTS, Chittenden County Humane Society…we are working it from all angles, people!

  1. We have a massive Green Up Day engine that gets going in early May (just lat weekend!) with community events in Burlington and in all of the surrounding communities.
  2. The Vermont Foodbank calls Burlington, Vermont home and the regularly provides of meals to many Vermonters.  They’re fresh and energetic approach to solving a serious local challenge is inspiring.
  3. Our friends over at COTS, the Community Office of Temporary Shelter is a wonderful organization that works to provides shelter for those in need.  They have their annual fundraising and awareness walk this past Sunday May 5th.
  4. The Chittenden County Humane Society takes care of the animals in need in the Burlington and surrounding towns.  They are holding their annual fundraising walk ( on June 9th, 2013.

4.  Lake Champlain:

Sitting there, looking amazing, all year long, Lake Champlain is the best playground for locals and visitors! There are beaches up and down the lakeshore where you can drop a towel and play in the sand. If you are adventurous, stop by a local state park and rent a small boat or a kayak. Or, if you are like me, buy a boat and get out on the lake to enjoy full days of splendor!

 5.  Festival Season:

Spring and Summer in Vermont is full of festivals and Burlington is not to be outdone. Burlington offers so many great ways to get out and enjoy the town, the lake, local food, and music. Here are few that are worthy of mentioning:

  1. Discover Jazz Festival
  2. Vermont Brewer’s Festival
  3. The Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival
  4. Lake Champlain Maritime Festival

6.  The Architecture:

Burlington houses some amazing classic architecture and modern beauties. There are great neighborhoods that still have the classic, old Victorian homes and people have maintained the charm and character.  In other sections of Burlington you find the bungalow style of houses and there are tons of wonderful 1950’s era homes with beautiful features and solid structures.  Burlington is rich with interesting developments, too. People here are wildly creative and ecological minded so new homes are being created with ingenuity and sustainability in mind. Here are a couple very cool Burlington, Vermont homes on my radar:

121 Austin Drive, Burlington, Vermont 05401

MLS  4177760 121 Austin Drive, Burlington Vermont

120 Home Avenue, Burlington, Vermont, 05401

120 Home Avenue Burlington VT 05401








75 Scarff Avenue, Burlington VT 05401

75 Scarff Avenue, Burlington Vermont








If you are interested in learning more about Burlington, Vermont, please take a look at our resource page, which includes local listings. We also have information about the towns surrounding Burlington…check them out here:

What do you love about Burlington, Vermont during this lovely weather?

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