6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Bigger

There are many things that potential buyers are looking for when searching for a new home- universally it is safe to say that no one is hoping to find a cramped and tiny space!

Real estate listings usually include words like “spacious” and “large” because both of those are highly desirable. Even if a buyer doesn’t want a huge home, they still would like to avoid being cramped or in a place that has no potential for a spacious feel.

So what if your space is on the small side? How do you get that spacious feel if your home is more of “cozy” and “quaint”? Here are 6 ways to make your home look bigger and feel more spacious  to potential buyers:

1Clear the Clutter – You’ve probably heard this one before. It’s right up there with “eat your vegetables,” but it is so true! Clear surfaces and an unobstructed floor will instantly make your home feel larger. It is also number one on the list because after you’ve cleared the clutter, you’ll be better able to assess where your home needs the most work.

So, get a bin or two, and walk around your house grabbing anything that is not in its place. Make sure tabletops and counters are clear of all but one or two attractive items, and pick anything up off the floor (toys, magazines, junk mail) that doesn’t belong there!

2Lighten Up with Light ColorsSmaller rooms need as much help as they can get when it comes to light. If you are repainting before selling, choose light, reflective colors like whites, grays, and yellows. You may prefer a dark and moody purple, but it won’t help open up a room the way lighter colors will.

The Benjamin Moore   website  even suggests painting your walls and molding the same color, creating the illusion of higher walls. They have more tips on using color to maximize the flow of  your space, and home staging color advice on their website.

3MirrorsMirrors reflect light, and will instantly make a room feel larger. This is a great tip if you’re getting ready to sell, because it doesn’t take much investment to add a few well-placed mirrors to your home.

You can maybe even steal some from other parts of the house to use when showing to potential buyers! Real Simple has great tips on how to choose, group, and place mirrors in order to make a room feel bigger.

4Get it Off the Floor! Hopefully by now you have cleared away all of your unwanted or unnecessary items – but that doesn’t mean you have gotten rid of everything! Get what’s left off the floor and stored as much as possible overhead to really open your space.

In places like bathrooms or small bedrooms, use hooks on the backs of doors, or over-the-door storage. The key is to open up the floor to maximize how spacious the room feels at first glance. These ideas for small bedroom storage from Apartment Therapy offer up some great  solutions.

5Shelves That Go All the Way Up – Overhead storage and door hooks don’t work as well in living areas, so in these rooms use shelves to maximize space and display interesting items. Shelves that go to the ceiling draw the eye upward and will make a room feel taller. They also give you the most real estate for your items! When filling shelves in a shared space, remember to mix in visually pleasing items, and not just stack books or boxes. A few photos or a vase will break up the space and make it feel more airy. If you do have items that need to be stored but don’t look so pretty, use baskets and decorative containers to keep the look varied and attractive.

6Using Furniture to Create Space – The placement of your furniture can have a big impact on how big a room looks and feels. There is no need to go out and buy anything new. Big furniture can look fine in a smaller room as long as it is placed properly.

Make sure furniture is never blocking pathways so that people can easily move from room to room. A sense of flow automatically makes a home feel larger. Furniture should also not block natural light sources – if you’ve read this far you know that the more light, the better when it comes to visually opening up a space!

Any or all of these tips can be easily applied before you are ready to list your home and open it up to potential buyers. People who are looking to buy will remember their first impression of your home, and you want to make sure it looks and feels its best!

What space-improving tips have worked for you? How do you make your home look bigger without major renovations? Please post in the comments below – I love being able to share great information with all of my clients.

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